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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Welcome friends, family, strangers,
boys, girls, cats and dogs.
To all childrens' book lovers and cancer haters.
Thank you very much for stopping by!

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"Nora's Pink Boots" Story Behind the Story


Two years after Matt was married, he was diagnosed with brain cancer, and was told that he had less than three months to live. But with a successful surgery, radiation and a lot of prayer, Matt is still here ten years later, alive and cancer free. Matt started writing his story about everything that had happened to him, but the hole in his brain left him with reading problems. Unable to proofread what he had written, he put the book-to-be aside and hoped to pick it up again some day after his brain has had time to heal.

Four years later Matt’s daughter Nora was born. Motivated by his precious little girl, Matt tried writing again. But he still had problems with his reading, so the story changed from 300 pages to 30. More artwork than words. While putting the new story together Matt’s grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer. His mother left home to go help out in this terrible time. While she was over with her parents, she took some time out to get a freckle checked out, Matthew’s mom had skin cancer. The tumor was remover and she is fine, but after the bump was removed, his mother was left with a scar that went from the bottom of her wrist, all the way up to her elbow pit. Forever scared, Matt‘s mom who liked pretty dresses, perfume and anything pink, would never be the same. But she did survive. Matt’s grandmother did not. A sweet little lady that loved whales, golf and cheating at cards. A wonderful woman that took Matt out for DQ’s dipped comes every year on his birthday, was gone.

Cancer handicapped Matt, scared his mother and killed his grandma. NORA'S PINK BOOTS is a combination of Matt's family’s stories.


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June 3 & 4, 2011 Friday 6:00pm - Saturday 2:00pm

Book signing / Fund raiser

South Kitsap Relay for Life

http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=34089&pg=entry http://www.facebook.com/SKRelay


Matthew Hoggins, Crystal Marcos and Hal Burton will be selling and signing books at the “Authors Against Cancer” tent. We will donating 20% from each book sold to Relay for Life / American Cancer Society.

425 Mitchell Avenue

Port Orchard, WA 98366